Racism vs. Reality

April 19, 2017
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April 19, 2017 Jeremy Ellis

Racism vs. Reality

Since the Presidential race began, the biggest target of the left has been the establishment. Now, any American who is worth his or her weight has always spoken out about the established rulers of power and politics. As always the face was that of the white Republican male, but now that is the only target. Regardless of how much racial or sexually equal movements go forward, the established white man is the enemy and he’s a racist.

Americans have elected officials of all races to cabinet or political seats of power. Not as many as they would like, but those numbers are slowly changing. We just spent nearly a decade under the “leadership” of Barack H. Obama, the first interracial President of the United States and still the white man is the one in charge. The ever evil white man has his fingers pulling the strings in a shadow conspiracy. I didn’t agree with his policy, but the man was democratically elected to lead the country so I gave him a chance.

It seems, that since we hit that milestone as a nation, any move opposite of what the liberal agenda is, is a step backward. Everything is mired in racial division, from BLM, to the Antifa terrorists, to the CNN crews, to Shannon Sharpe, and now Mandy Patinkin. If a police officer stops or arrests someone its not because they broke the law or failed to cooperate with a law enforcement officials, but because the cop was white. If our President moves to enforce the long standing laws of our nation, he’s racist. Or the fact that every act of terror in this country or abroad has been made by an radical Islamic extremist, we, white men, are “Islamophobic”.

I was born and raised in Texas, the son of a mother of Germanic descent and a half Comanche/half white dad. One was raised a Mormon and the other a Lutheran, but I was taught the virtues of the Bible and encouraged to make my own decisions on faith. I was raised to be color blind, to know a person for who they are, not the color of their skin or appearance and I am teaching my own children, all of mixed ethnicities, the same value.

In the past 8 years a huge wedge of racial tension has driven our nation apart based on bias and stereotypes by the liberals that were in power. This wedge is driven ever deeper by the Deep State, Antifa, BLM, Hollywood liberals, and terrorist sympathizers. When will America, the beacon of leadership throughout the world, step away from reality television, Hollywood and show business bias, and fake news, back into the real world? Hopefully soon, because rats usually go down with the ship and liberals are quickly being identified as vermin and racists.

Every facet of television is dredged  in political and racial satire. The sad part is the liberals and Democrats see it as the other side being racist or profiling. They claim to have their eyes open, but they’re blind to reality and what they’ve done to themselves. They have no idea of the destruction they are doing to themselves and this nation. Usually, you have to have your ass kicked before you realize you’re being a bully.




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Jeremy Ellis

Born in Houston, TX, a 12 and a half year Navy veteran who is a true American patriot. A devout Republican with a different view on politics, God, and country; a bit of a philosopher, but a student of all things.
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