Surrounded By Hypocrites….

April 10, 2017
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April 10, 2017 Jeremy Ellis

Surrounded By Hypocrites….

It’s hard to remain logical, fair, and balanced when the odds seem to be against you. Every day in our nation people seem to be at each other’s throats over a political ideology. It’s a constant view of how at odds we can be. I wonder if this is how the nation looked prior to the opening days of the Civil War?

After the ordered strike on a Syrian air base it seems every politician, social justice warrior, and armchair battlefield tactician knows what to do. Some believe that the President did the right thing, while others decried the actions, digging through tweets of President Trump’s, and calling for the de-escalation military “actions” by the United States. The left seems intent on continuing their narrative with Russian connections between Putin and the President, calling a chemical attack on Syrian civilians a fake news story, and trying to paint the administration as criminals.

I have to ask the left – where were your pinpoint criticism on the inaction of former President Obama on the chemical attacks of Syrians? What about the statement by former Secretary of State John Kerry, stating all chemical weapons have been removed from Syria? No one seems to concerned with the death of four American in Benghazi, the storage of classified information by Hillary Clinton on an unauthorized server, or the illegal surveillance on President Trumps team. You don’t focus on it because it doesn’t fit your narrative.

Antifa and the left are so intent on resisting control by the Government that they’re blind to what the previous administrations did. Hell, they sold the idea of GOVERNMENT REGULATED HEALTHCARE to the American people under the guise that you could keep your doctor and you would save money. Fast forward now to the death throws of the “Affordable Care Act”. Every American liberal was so focused on a man of mixed ethnicity being elected President that they unwillingly submitted to control. Those con men sold Americans on what they said you deserved and they slowly worked to undermine your freedoms. The Obama administration held out candy like an old pedophile and you lapped it up while he mentally touched your no-no areas.

Now, people who want to drain the swamp to affect real change are in office, and you have Stockholm syndrome. You have identified so much with your captives, that you are now identifying with them and defending their ways. I’m done with trying to articulate how big your egos and sense of self worth are.

I am coming at you like the Joker. Not like Jack Nicholson’s, but Heath Ledger’s character. I am going to show you how simple your idiotic plans are and turn them on you. I am not going to blow apart your ideals with C-4, but with a few logical bullets and sarcastic gasoline. I’m going to show you how much of a criminal and a hypocrite your idols and ideals have made you to be. I say “me”, but I really mean “we”. That’s what our ideals will do.




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Jeremy Ellis

Born in Houston, TX, a 12 and a half year Navy veteran who is a true American patriot. A devout Republican with a different view on politics, God, and country; a bit of a philosopher, but a student of all things.
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