The Beginning or the End? Depends on Your Point of View

January 20, 2017
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January 20, 2017 Jeremy Ellis

The Beginning or the End? Depends on Your Point of View

At the time of this writing, it is Inauguration Eve. Tomorrow, Donald J. Trump will take the oath of office as the 45th President of the United States. The transition of power that follows the arrival of an outgoing President and an incoming one is a time honored tradition.

Droves of excited voters are turning out in the thousands to celebrate this event. Supporters gathered at the “Make America Great Again” concert to start celebrating the incoming administration’s victory. All across our country, conservatives are planning festivities to coincide with the event.

At the same time, liberals everywhere are flowing into the streets of Washington, protesting and exercising their first amendment right. They are promoting civil unrest, anarchy and even violence in some cases. Demonstrations have already begun.

The Republicans view the Inauguration as moment of hope and new beginnings. The opportunities and chances to correct political and legislative errors and actions to favor the American people. Its the dawn of a new day in America for those of us who are ready for change.

The Democrats have already embraced Dante’s welcoming message to those approaching hell, “Abandon all hope, ye who enter here.” I even heard that CNN was prepping disaster scenarios on what would happen should the President and Vice President Elect be destroyed on their day of taking office. Political panels held by members of the DNC call for street fighting and the mean queen herself, Rosie O’Donnell is calling for civil unrest.

Why? Why should Friday, January 20, 2017 be viewed as the end? Because someone whose ideology doesn’t fit your own won the seat to the highest office in the land? Is it because he’s crass and rough with his verbal sword, when some feel that doesn’t fit the mold of the leader of the free world? Why can’t the left be as accepting as they claim to be?

In the past 8 years, Barack Obama held the office of president, and his policy and tactics were his own and questionable. Conservatives didn’t take to the amount of civil disobedience that liberals embrace because we know it doesn’t solve anything. We use our voices and representatives to fight for us, even if they are politically corrupt. Americans have become soft, easily offended at the thought of someone’s difference of opinion.

I personally believe that Donald J. Trump was elected because the silent majority had enough. We knew this country needed tough love to take us back onto the path of a world leader and away from this role as submissive door mat to the world. We were tired of bending to the will of the cowardly and inept because surrender is not in our creed. It’s not the American way to bow down to conformity and to serve a ruler. That’s why we have a whole period in our history labeled The Revolutionary War.

Liberals, Democrats, my fellow American’s. The machine has gained too much power, we have surrendered too much to its will to continue. American POW’s fought for their freedom from their captors because it is better to die on your feet than live on your knees. Our country, our Constitutional Republic is an experiment. A successful one at that because we have proven that democracy can work. Forget the popular vote because the popular kid in school was usually a bully who picked on the outsider. That’s the purpose of the Electoral College. It’s not about who’s popular, it’s about who has had enough of rock bottom.

We Conservatives, don’t want to fight you, we want to work with you. Hope is an enduring human quality and we ask that you share the opportunity to bring about true, equal, valuable change. Don’t consign yourself to oblivion when we have only just begun. Give hope, true hope a chance.




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Jeremy Ellis

Born in Houston, TX, a 12 and a half year Navy veteran who is a true American patriot. A devout Republican with a different view on politics, God, and country; a bit of a philosopher, but a student of all things.
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