Ep 348 – Social Media Monopoly?

October 30, 2017
October 30, 2017 Tim Preuss

Ep 348 – Social Media Monopoly?

Social Media. We all use it, and its been both a blessing and a curse in many ways. However, sites like Twitter and YouTube have begun suspending accounts, banning users, and demonetizing videos. Are these sites a threat to free speech?

Freedom of the press does not grant every citizen the right to have their thoughts published by the New York Times. Freedom of speech does not grant a person the right to say whatever they want in someone else’s house. Having a Twitter account or a YouTube channel is not a right guaranteed by the Constitution.

Do these companies have a monopoly? No. In fact, most people complaining about social media censorship aren’t even customers of the companies. YouTube’s viewers are not its customers. People who publish content on YouTube are not its customer either. Its customers are the advertisers who PAY YouTube, and for them – social media certainly doesn’t have a monopoly on advertising.

In other news, Houston Texans’ owner Bob McNair is in hot water after saying “We can’t have the inmates running the prison.” Bad analogy, and he didn’t even get it right. Is it anything to be offended by though? Those tough NFL players sure have their panties in a bunch over this.




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Tim Preuss

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