Ep 385 – War Without Evidence

April 11, 2018
April 11, 2018 Tim Preuss

Ep 385 – War Without Evidence

War is serious business. It not only hurts the economy and piles mountains of debt on the tax payer, but can destroy a nation’s reputation abroad, especially if the war is based on faulty evidence. In the case of a possible war with Syria and the removal of President Assad, it isn’t just faulty evidence, but NO evidence. In February, Secretary of Defense Jim Mattis admitted that the 2017 chemical weapons attack was NOT clearly carried out by Assad. That didn’t stop President Trump from carrying out an attack on a Syrian airbase in response though.

In an interview with Tucker Carlson, Mississippi Senator Roger Wicker insisted he had more information than Mattis. When asked if he could share some of that evidence with Tucker, his viewers, and American voters the Senator simply replied “No”. Is this what we should now expected from our elected representatives? Politicians like Wicker seem to have forgotten that THEY are OUR employees. Well, at least that what we were taught. Politicians know the truth – votes don’t matter, and we’re rules by a combination of the deep state bureaucracies and the political elite.

Also – Mark Zuckerberg went before the Senate and got grilled by Texas Senator Ted Cruz. Looking frazzled, Zuckerberg refused to answer to whether Facebook was a neutral space for political dialogue, or if it was an entity that expressed its own political views via censorship of conservative voices. The Facebook CEO did admit that the majority of people who work for his company are from Silicon Valley, and hence have a strong left leaning bias. This tells us more about the left itself than it does about Facebook or Mark Zuckerberg.

Tucker Carlson Gets Heated With GOP Sen. Who Suggested His Syria Rhetoric Was Similar to Putin’s




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