Ep 386 – Facebook and Government, Sitting in a Tree

April 12, 2018
April 12, 2018 Tim Preuss

Ep 386 – Facebook and Government, Sitting in a Tree

After celebrating the retirement of Paul Ryan, Tim digs into the new fusion of Facebook with big government. Mark Zuckerberg was all too happy to accept new regulations. Why? Because big business LOVES big government. Regulations on any industry are written with the help of the leaders of that industry. Social media will be regulated by the federal government, and it WELCOMES it!

Have conservatives played into the hand of Facebook? The right has been calling for social media to be regulated due to censorship, blocking, and demonetization. They asked for this! The left did too. They called for regulation after blaming the election of Donald Trump on “fake news” and “Russian influence”. Perfect. Both sides want regulation, and Mark couldn’t be happier.

Teachers in Arizona are complaining that they aren’t getting paid enough. Is that because their pay is too low, or because they know nothing about personal finance? Based on their pay, it isn’t a matter of not enough money. Its a matter of personal responsibility.

Hearings Reveal How Government Regulations Work




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Tim Preuss

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