Ep 409 – Assange in Danger

May 15, 2018
May 15, 2018 Tim Preuss

Ep 409 – Assange in Danger

You haven’t heard much about or from Wikileaks Founder Julian Assange recently, and there’s a reason for that. The Ecuadorian embassy in London where he has been living for nearly six years, has cut off his internet and he is no longer allowed to make phone calls or have visitors. This is worse treatment than what is given to convicted felons! Felons can at least make phone calls and have visitors.

Not only has his ability to connect with the outside world been cut off, but there are now talks between Ecuador and Britain to potentially release Assange into their custody, in which case he will undoubtedly be extradited to the United States. What is Assange’s crime? Telling the truth. Governments around the world hate and FEAR him, which is why they want him at best, silenced, and at worst, killed.

The world’s most wanted man may have an ace in the hole though. He has regularly stated that what Wikileaks has is much more than what has been published. If Assange is in real danger, he always has his “kill switch”. EVERYTHING Wikileaks has on the most powerful governments in the world could be exposed to the public.

ALSO – Stormy Daniels and her slimy lawyer are being exposed. Daniels isn’t a champion for women – she turned a blind eye to sexual harassment. Michael Avenatti, her lawyer, has a past filled with business deals gone wrong, bankruptcies, and sleazy tactics. What are these guys looking for? Fame and nothing more.




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Tim Preuss

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