Ep 410 – More on the Parkland Shooter

May 16, 2018
May 16, 2018 Tim Preuss

Ep 410 – More on the Parkland Shooter

New facts have emerged regarding the school disciplinary record of the Parkland Shooter, Nikolas Cruz. After months of denying it, the school now admits that Cruz should have been put before a court after failing to complete the “Promise” program. Instead, they covered for him, and his record of misbehaving was kept from the Justice system and the FBI background check system.

It is important that second amendment advocates know and understand this case, because it is being used at the state level to blatantly infringe on Americans’ rights to own and possess firearms. Just as we know more about firearms than the gun-grabbers, we also need to know more about how government is failing to protect innocent lives in cases like this, which is why the second amendment is important to uphold.

ALSO – Rand Paul is asking one of the best questions of CIA Director nominee Gina Haspell: What knowledge does she have of the CIA spying on presidential candidates, including Donald Trump? Keep in mind, just because the President has changed, doesn’t mean the Deep State has. The CIA is still filled with many of the same Trump-hating, Clinton-loving, Obama-backed, political operatives posing as patriotic members of the intelligence community.




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