Ep 414 – The Left Hates Peace

May 22, 2018
May 22, 2018 Tim Preuss

Ep 414 – The Left Hates Peace

Based on what MSM is putting out, it is clear that the left hates peace. Even if Donald Trump makes peace with North Korea, or works out a deal with Iran, nothing will satisfy. Tim Preuss is no fan of Donald Trump, but even a broken clock is right twice a day.

MSM blatantly lies about Trump with regards to MS-13, and they are doubling down on their attacks. MSM despises the American people. MSM lies because it is afraid of the truth. If people find out that Trump is doing well, he may well win in the next election. CNN is openly biased towards the President.

That doesn’t mean we should all just watch Fox News though. We have to stay unbiased. Praise Trump when he’s right, attack him when he’s wrong. More and more Americans agree, which is why $20 billion more is spent on internet advertising than on old school media. The independent voice is rising, and NO ONE can stop us!

YOU are a part of this movement. Even if you are just a viewer or listener, you can make the move today to start your own blog or podcast. Get your voice it there! MSM is failing. It is time for YOU to jump in and take the ball!




Tim Preuss

Tim Preuss is the founder and CEO of Preuss Media LLC. Along with writing for PreussPodcast.com, he hosts the Tim Preuss Podcast Monday through Friday, available on iTunes, and regularly interviews prominent personalities within the liberty community.
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