Ep 415 – The FBI’s Record

May 23, 2018
May 23, 2018 Tim Preuss

Ep 415 – The FBI’s Record

To fully understand what is going on today with the FBI and their investigation into the Trump campaign’s alleged Russian collusion, we need to take a trip back in history and study the FBI’s record. In the 1960s the FBI ran a program called COINTELPRO, which worked to infiltrate and disrupt various political movements. Although the program was supposedly ended in 1971, we’re seeing today that the FBI infiltrated the Trump campaign.

History teaches us powerful lessons. It isn’t that the FBI is filled with pure evil people. The rank and file of the FBI is mostly honest, hard working, patriotic Americans. However, once someone gets to the top, they become so powerful that they are almost doomed to be corrupted. The Deep State has been working against Trump even prior to his election.

We are at a point where the Deep State and the establishment NEED the collusion story to be true. If it isn’t, it discredits the FBI and the Democrat political machine.

ALSO – A new Federal Reserve poll shows that 40% of Americans couldn’t manage a $400 emergency expense. With an economic recession on the horizon, this is BAD news! When shit hits the fan, we need to be prepared!




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Tim Preuss

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