Ep 420: Roseanne is a Socialist, Not a Conservative!

May 30, 2018
May 30, 2018 Tim Preuss

Ep 420: Roseanne is a Socialist, Not a Conservative!

MSM is outraged about Roseanne Barr’s “racist” tweets, and ya know what? Fair enough. The problem is that they are incorrectly labeling her a “conservative” despite the fact that she was running for President just a few years ago promoting socialist policies. Tim was weary of Roseanne backing Trump from the beginning. Knowing her past, Trump supporters should have stayed away from the get go.

Everything is deemed racist these days. A woman expecting service at a CLOSED bakery blames racism, and now even has the owner admitting that he hires racists, is a racist himself, lives in a racist neighborhood, in a racist city (Portland), in a racist state (Oregon), in a racist country (America). He is vowing to make his bakery more “pro-black”. What the hell that means is beyond anyone who uses their brain.

ALSO – nearly 1,500 underage illegal immigrants caught sneaking into America have been “lost”. Considering that the federal government has also lost (yes, LOST) TRILLIONS of dollars, is this any surprise? Illegal immigration isn’t just bad for Americans, it is bad for the immigrants as well, putting them through hell and at extreme risk of being abused by human traffickers.


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Tim Preuss

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