Ep 428 – Learning From Krauthammer

June 11, 2018
June 11, 2018 Tim Preuss

Ep 428 – Learning From Krauthammer

Tim pays his respects to Charles Krauthammer, who recently announced that his doctors have given him weeks to live. Something many people are not aware of is that Charles spent most of his life in a wheelchair. He had no control over his legs, and little control of his arms. Despite this, he became one of the most influential conservative voices in modern American politics. There is a lot to take away from just that.

Not to sound grim, but this also leaves an opening. Charles stood on the shoulders of giants. With his absence from the political scene, it lends a place for a younger generation to fill. Someone has to pick up the torch and run with it – and it is up to the generation of young conservatives and libertarians to seize the opportunity, and not let Charles’ shoes be filled with some schmuck who would do a tremendous discredit to his memory.

ALSO – Donald Trump’s approval numbers are ahead of Reagan’s and Obama’s number at this point in their presidency! You won’t hear that on MSM, but it is a frightening reality Democrats are struggling to deal with. Their message hinges on one of the lowest human emotions – envy. The left hates the rich, but most Americans think being rich is a great achievement. Being successful is GOOD, and if Democrats run a campaign against good, they are in for a rocky election at best.


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Tim Preuss

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