Ep 434 – On Illegal Immigration…

June 19, 2018
June 19, 2018 Tim Preuss

Ep 434 – On Illegal Immigration…

Democrats aren’t siding with children – they’re siding with ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION! Their phony outrage is enough to drive Tim mad. Audio of children crying at the detention centers is leaked to the world, and all Tim thinks is “wow. What horrible parents who abandon their children like that.”

The truth is that if immigrants came to America through any of the 50+ ports along the southern border, they’re children wouldn’t be taken. The reason they are taken is because illegal immigrants are finally being prosecuted for jumping the border.

Let’s think about why someone would choose to come illegally rather than through the legal official ports of entry –

  1. They are carrying drugs
  2. They have already been deported in the past
  3. They have a criminal history
  4. They are human traffickers
  5. They are gang members

There is no honest reason why innocent law-abiding immigrants seeking asylum should be hopping the border. Come the legal way, and you’ll be fine. We must also ask ourselves, however, exactly how many immigrants need to be taken in by America before we recognize that this isn’t immigration. It is an invasion!

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