Ep 445 – Independence

July 4, 2018
July 4, 2018 Tim Preuss

Ep 445 – Independence

In 2018 it seems millions of Americans have forgotten why America fought for independence in 1776. When looking back, what conclusions can we draw from rereading that Declaration? Is America still the same country, or has America become the country we once hated. America today, with its big government and military adventurism is more like Britain in the 1700s than we’d like to admit.

ALSO – The left is upset and using the same old scare tactic of Roe v Wade to attack Donald Trump and whoever his SCOTUS nominee will be. They are fighting hard for the rights of women to murder their unborn children. At the same time, the very same people are outraged that an American woman killed a giraffe.

What does this tell us about the left? The left values animal life over human life. Unborn children – worthless. A horse with a stretched out neck – priceless. If they think this is a winning message for November, they’ve got another thing coming. Trying to beat Trump by being crazier than him is not a path to victory.


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Tim Preuss

Tim Preuss is the founder and CEO of Preuss Media LLC. Along with writing for PreussPodcast.com, he hosts the Tim Preuss Podcast Monday through Friday, available on iTunes, and regularly interviews prominent personalities within the liberty community.
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