Episode 569 – The Curse of Forgiveness

November 28, 2020
November 28, 2020 Tim Preuss

Episode 569 – The Curse of Forgiveness

Human behavior is easy to predict. Despite us wanting to believe that people can change, the evidence is clear. The best predictor of future behavior is past behavior. Why does this matter? Because this one simple fact can help inform us about the rest of life, including our personal relationships and government and politics.

While forgiveness is something we preach in our day to day lives, we have to be careful about how we do it. Being too forgiving can land us in situations where we knew better, but we fell for something anyway.

What about college debt? Should we forgive it, or is forgiveness actually the WRONG answer to this problem. Tim Preuss explores these ideas in this episode.

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Tim Preuss

Tim Preuss is the founder and CEO of Preuss Media LLC. Along with writing for PreussPodcast.com, he hosts the Tim Preuss Podcast Monday through Friday, available on iTunes, and regularly interviews prominent personalities within the liberty community.
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