Review: Xbox ONE S

January 8, 2017
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January 8, 2017 Juddy Allen

Review: Xbox ONE S

So about 6 months or so ago Microsoft updated their current generation console, and here is the review.

This is the first hardware revision Microsoft has done with this console generation. It’s a good one. First things first, the console no longer looks like an over-sized hunk of cheap plastic from 1988. It looks like a newfangled console born in the modern era, subjectively speaking of course.

The new Xbox One is 40% smaller than its predecessor, it has a much denser feel giving it that premium feel, and it has an internal power supply. No more lugging the brick around! (Which quiet honestly I never really minded, because how often did I actually move my Xbox One around? Never, never is the answer. BUT for fun, lets say I want to take my game console on a world tour, well, now it’s easier to do.)

Hardware changes you ask? Why yes, yes there are. First up is a die shrink. The old Xbox was build with a 28nm processor, now they’ve moved to a 16nm. That means you get the same performance for less power. Well, you would’ve had the same performance, had Microsoft not up-clocked the processor/GPU a tick or two. The GPU has been pumped up from 853MHz to 914MHz, about a 7% increase, allowing all titles that aren’t frame rate locked to run just a tad better. These hardware increases were added to assist in future titles use of High Dynamic Range imaging.

HDR comes into play with the new HDMI 2.0 which can stream or play 4k video at 60 frames a second. The Blu-ray drive is also updated to support ultra silly high resolution Blu-ray movies. That is actually a feat the brand new PlayStation 4 PRO cannot claim. You may have seen advertisements claiming 4k gaming – that is simply not true. The games will still render at a much lower native resolution and then, those images will be up-scaled to 4k. These titles will look good on a UHD screen but, not as good as images being rendered at a native 4k resolution.

They’ve also updated the controller which now boasts blue tooth and WiFi tech at the same time, meaning you can use these controllers on your PC, Mac, and/or tablet of choice. To me the controller now feels slightly more sturdy, less plastic-y. They’ve improved the console in every way. This is what the Xbox One should’ve been 3 years ago when it launched.

Why pick up an Xbox One over a PlayStation? Well, again that is subjective. Console exclusives are not what they once were. It seems timed exclusivity is the order of the day. Titles like Rise of the Tomb Raider, and Dead Rising 4 are only to be found on Xbox consoles…for about 6 months, or a year, depending upon how much cash was given to the publisher. With the exception of the first party titles ( Forza, Gears Of War, and Halo series) most all other titles will also be found on the competitor’s machine.

I suppose it really comes down to with Graphical User Interface you like best. Or maybe you just like the sound of “Xbox One S”; say it quick and its XBONES, which is cool. I just like the little ding it gives off when its powered on. On a scale of one to ten, I give this machine an eight. A solid big ole eight. Grab the top and the bottom, pull on it, and you’ve got the infinity symbol, and that stands for something.




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