COINTELPRO – Seen Today in Berkeley?

April 16, 2017
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April 16, 2017 Tim Preuss

COINTELPRO – Seen Today in Berkeley?

Berkeley California was the setting of yet another clash between avid supporters of Donald Trump and the Antifa movement. The protests on Saturday resulted in 21 arrests. People on both sides hurled rocks, participated in fist fights, and sprayed each other with pepper spray. Ironically, it was a “Patriots’ Day” event. Both sides have lost.

The two groups vehemently oppose each other, but at their roots, both groups want change for America. What they want to change is certainly different, but both Trump supporters and Antifa are not satisfied with the status quo. What they do not realize is this – they are not as much a threat to each other as they are to the state.

Divide and Conquer

Yes. Both groups present a clear and direct threat to the status quo. Both groups are after change. If they were to come together against the state, the true enemy of both groups, they could lead America is a very different direction. This is why they must be stopped.

Sun Tzu wrote of this military strategy in The Art of War in 500 BC. When an enemy’s army outnumbers your own, force them to divide so that they are easier to defeat. The people of the United States far out number the State. The State is built to defend the status quo. It’s enemies are those who would threaten it. This includes both pro-Trump supporters as well as anti-Trump protestors.

The groups MUST be pitted against one another. To do this, the media purposely highlights their differences. Reports are done on the violence at rallies and protests. Peaceful protests are not covered by the mainstream media, leaving one to believe that the only time these two groups interact, it must result in a near nuclear reaction.

As more people see these media reports, their emotions are struck. Humans are tribal creatures by nature, and our biology dictates that we must defend members of “our” tribe. More and more people join each side. The numbers grow, the rhetoric gets more extreme, and soon the two groups, who could have united against the State, are divided.


Like minded groups have been deliberately pitted against each other to make each of their voices less effective. In the 1960s and 1970s, the FBI used a program named “COINTELPRO” (Counter Intelligence Program) to act against civil rights groups. The groups targeted included the NAACP, various women’s rights groups, and Dr Martin Luther King Jr himself.

The actions of COINTELPRO included surveillance of these targets. For example, material was gathered on MLK Jr and used in an attempt to blackmail him. The FBI infiltrated many groups in an effort to discredit them, and planted fake media stories to mislead the public. In some instances, new groups were set up, but were secretly led by FBI agents.

While the official FBI program was officially shut down in 1971, aspects of it may still exist today. Many believe that the Reagan administration reinstated many COINTELPRO tactics as a part of “counter-terrorism” measures.

It Continued Under Obama

Going on the presented media narrative will give one a rather bad image of Occupy Wall Street. OWS was seen as violent anarchists who wanted to take down the big banks and “the man”. All along, “the man” was working against them.

Both OWS and the Tea Party were fed up with Washington. They both realized that the power of We the People is in the hands of a few people – namely those on Wall Street and those in Washington. The two groups could have been on the same side – working for change, but the media spun the story and pit the two groups against each other.

In 2012 it was revealed that the FBI and the Department of Homeland Security colluded with banks and corporations to shut down OWS protests. There were even plans to assassinate leaders of the movement via sniper fire. It needs to be noted that plans to disrupt OWS were in place before the group had even set up camp in Zuccotti Park.

A year later it was learned that the Obama administration had directed the IRS to target Tea Party groups for audits and excessive scrutiny. Indeed, the state was actively working against both groups. The majority of the participants in each were peaceful and tolerant, yet the media painted OWS as anarchists and the Tea Party as racist.


The saying goes that the more one knows, the more one realizes they don’t know. That should be the takeaway from learning the history of how the State has acted towards true change-agents in the past and even in recent memory. Do Trump supports and Antifa hate each other because of what they know, or because of what they don’t know?




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