Donald Trump to Skip White House Correspondent’s Dinner

February 25, 2017
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February 25, 2017 Tim Preuss

Donald Trump to Skip White House Correspondent’s Dinner

The media had been in a tough position regarding the White House Correspondent’s Dinner. The evening is an annual event when media elites gather to enjoy each other’s company, and take light hearted jabs at each other. Presidents, comedians, and media personalities all join in the fun of a good old fashioned roasting.

This year, however, some in the media were unsure about whether they should attend or not. Bloomberg and The New Yorker both cancelled their plans to dine with the President, but Trump will not be outdone. They can’t cancel on him, because he just cancelled on them! In a tweet on Saturday, Trump stated that he will be absent from the dinner.

Tensions were particularly high when Trump took the stage at the Conservative Political Action Conference this past week and spent a good portion of his speech blasting the “fake news”, specifically CNN, to which the President referred to as the “Clinton News Network”. His CPAC speech came days after Trump called the fake media the enemy of the American people, a comment which did not sit well with either the media or even Trump’s Republican colleagues.




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