Google to Crack Down on “Fake News”

November 16, 2016
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November 16, 2016 Tim Preuss

Google to Crack Down on “Fake News”

Google’s CEO, Sunday Pichai, told the BBC that “fake news” could have had an effect on the recent U.S. Presidential election, and that Google needs to do a better job of weeding it out.

“Look, it is important to remember this was a very close election and so, just for me, so looking at it scientifically, one in a hundred voters voting one way or the other swings the election either way. … From our perspective, there should just be no situation where fake news gets distributed, so we are all for doing better here.”

Pichai is not alone in thinking dishonest news on the internet may have played a part in the election. Although Facebook CEO, Mark Zuckerberg, thinks it is unlikely that misleading posts on the site swayed enough voters to shift the election to Trump, he has stated Facebook has work to do with regards to hoax news.

Although this seems to be for the best, keeping the trash news out so the public can be better informed, it raises some eyebrows. Who exactly will be determining which news is “real”, what journalism is “trustworthy”, and who is writing “fake news”.

Do Google and Facebook wield too much power in terms of delivering news to the public? Should they be trusted to determine which news people read and which is buried? Comment below!




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