Hannity Withdraws Support for Sasse

October 12, 2017
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October 12, 2017 Tim Preuss

Hannity Withdraws Support for Sasse

When I first started learning about Senator Ben Sasse (R-NE) I was really taken aback. I knew there would be areas where I might disagree with the man, as I do with any politician, but he spoke eloquently about the Constitution and America’s founding principles, which was refreshing in today’s political climate.

Despite being a Republican, Sasse has openly criticized President Donald Trump, and has at times been a lone opponent of Trump from within the GOP. This is exactly what Congress is supposed to be doing. Congress is not a part of government in order to be pawns of the executive branch. Rather, Congress is here to be a counter-weight against Presidential power.

This week Donald Trump took shots once again at the mainstream media, this time targeting NBC and other outlets he deemed to be “fake news”, threatening to revoke their licenses.

A clear thinking individual would accept this for what it is – more of the war between Donald Trump and the media. Unfortunately, this rubs a lot of Americans the wrong way. Even though we can recognize that much of mainstream media is heavily slanted against Trump and towards Democrats, we allow it because we ultimately stand for the Constitution and the First Amendment over any politician or party.

Ben Sasse apparently felt the same way, taking to Twitter with his own questions for Trump. If Trump insists on revoking certain press licenses, is he not challenging the First Amendment, and as such, NOT upholding the Constitution, something he took an oath to do?

Of course, not all media is against President Trump. One of his favorite lapdogs, Sean Hannity, was ready to yelp at anyone who would dare question the beloved leader’s candid remarks on the free press.

Fun fact – Remember this story?

Roger Stone claims Sean Hannity made ‘insane effort’ to be White House chief of staff

After a primetime interview with the President this Wednesday, Sean understands that as Trump gives him ratings, he must give Trump defense on Fox News. The goal of Hannity is clearer than ever, as he is siding with the President against conservatives and the Constitution.

THAT’S why we call him “Neo-Con Sean”




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