How Much Does it Cost to Kill an ISIS Fighter?

April 14, 2017
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April 14, 2017 Tim Preuss

How Much Does it Cost to Kill an ISIS Fighter?

History was made when the U.S. military dropped the largest and most powerful non-nuclear bomb on an area of east Afghanistan, known to harbor members of ISIS and their ilk. It’s called a “Massive Ordinance Air Bomb“, and it explodes in the sky, forcing so much air towards the Earth that it can destroy underground tunnels, caves, and bunkers.

The specs of this weapon, rightfully dubbed the “mother of all bombs”, are impressive to say the least. It weighs 21,600 lbs. It’s 30 feet long. The blast it creates is equivalent to 11 tons of TNT. The development of the bomb took place during the Iraq War, with the intention of using it as part of the “shock and awe” strategy. During initial testing, the bomb made a mushroom cloud that could be seen 20 miles away. The military spent around $300 million developing the MOAB, with each bomb having a cost of around $16 million.

The blast delivered to ISIS in Afghanistan yielded an impressive… 36 killed, meaning each militant who was killed cost the U.S. $444,000. This of course doesn’t include the cost of flying the bomb to Afghanistan and dumping it out of the back of a plane.

Yet, ironically enough, America’s other recent major military strike, the missile strike on a Syrian airbase which took place on April 7th, yielded even less. The air base, occupied by Russian and Syrian forces, was given a 2-hour notice to be evacuated. The attack killed no ISIS fighters, no Russian fighters, and no members of the Syrian army. Instead, it killed 7 innocent civilians, including 4 children. Each of the 59 tomahawk cruise missiles costs about $1 million.

So far in the war against ISIS, America has spent roughly $4 million per day just on air operations. Ironic that it continues spending money to fight ISIS, while at the same time spending money to “train rebels” to overthrow Syrian President Bashar al-Assad. A still active CIA program authorized by President Obama, Timber Sycamore, trains, funds, and arms various rebel groups throughout the region. The program is still kept secret, so its budget is not available, but luckily, rumors have it that Saudi Arabia is footing a large portion of the bill.

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Imagine the cost of fighting ISIS if the United States did not continue to train, fund, and arm them. Could the U.S. government bring down the cost of defeating ISIS just by not supporting them? Logic would have us believe so. Could the U.S. government reduce the number of ISIS fighters if it hadn’t spent $540 million actively recruiting them?

One thing is for sure – $400,000 to kill one ISIS militant is an absurd amount to spent on a low technology, poverty stricken, AK-47 wielding group of illiterate terrorists. The costs could be brought down dramatically if the CIA wasn’t working against our own troops in their missions. If the CIA’s actions aren’t outright treason, what is?




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