Just So We’re Clear – You Know Trump is in Favor of DACA, Right?

September 8, 2017
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September 8, 2017 Tim Preuss

Just So We’re Clear – You Know Trump is in Favor of DACA, Right?

While many on both sides of the aisle believe that President Donald Trump is some sort of hardliner on immigration, let’s not get ahead of ourselves. What happened this past week with the repealing of Barack Obama’s Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) executive order wasn’t anything for either the right to be happy about, or the left to be outraged about.

To start, one has to question why Trump did not repeal this executive order on his first day, or month, or six months in office. Well, politics has a lot to do with timing, and the timing of this is absolutely perfect. The action taken by Trump caused an outrage from the left, while rallying Trump’s own troops behind him. This allowed the passage of a Hurricane Harvey relief package that was combined with a rise of the debt ceiling to go largely unnoticed.

This was a distraction. It was a card that Trump had in his back pocket, waiting to be used whenever the time seemed right. Poor August job numbers, GDP expectations lowering, the decline of the dollar index, and report after report of BLS numbers that repeat the phrase “little change” – something had to keep people away from the real news.

For the left – don’t worry. Donald Trump is allowing Congress six months to come up with legislation that will closely mimic DACA.

For the right – don’t cheer. Trump has already made agreements with Nancy Pelosi to sign a bill from Congress that mimics DACA.

From the L.A. Times

Trump on Wednesday outlined the contours of a deal that would beef up border security as part of a legislative fix for DACA, which President Obama created in 2012.

“It’s very clear he wants Congress to act to get this done,” Pelosi said, adding the president indicated he would suppport the Dream Act.  “The president said he supports that, he would sign it.”

Were Trump actually opposed to amnesty for children brought to America illegally, he would not be shaking hands and striking deals with Democratic leadership. He was opposed to the action being solely in the hands of the executive branch. By passing the ball back to Congress, the President can relieve himself of having to answer for why he hasn’t done anything about Obama’s immigration orders.

This rallies Trump supporters and makes them believe that he is acting out the promises he made during his campaign. In some sense, he is, but not really. The outcome will be more or less the same – amnesty for illegal immigrants brought over as children. The only thought of benefit would be more money for “border security”, a promise that has been made and broken for decades. Don’t get your hopes up. Sorry.

Whatever your thoughts are on Donald Trump, or on the immigration issue, let’s be perfectly clear. DACA is here to stay, and Donald Trump is not going to veto a bill when it comes to his desk.




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