After 2 Week Vacation, Politicians Threaten Government Shutdown

April 27, 2017
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April 27, 2017 Tim Preuss

After 2 Week Vacation, Politicians Threaten Government Shutdown

Politicians are showing their true character once again. Democrats and Republicans are having trouble coming together over a spending bill that would keep government open. Republicans want a wall, maybe some tax reforms. Democrats want funding for Planned Parenthood, NPR, and “the arts”. In order for government to remain open, 60 Senators will have to agree on a bill.

Keep in mind that this news has really only been major coverage this week. The two weeks prior Congress was on vacation, or “recess” as they call it. Not including weekends, the Senate was out of session for 12 days, and the House was out of session for 10 days. Now that we are literally hours away from the government shutting down, both sides are clamoring for fast compromise, and already placing blame on the other party.

Politicians might as well be undisciplined school children working on a group project. The group is given all year to accomplish their project, and instead of getting an early start on it, they procrastinate and wait until the last week. The group fights over the best way to complete the project, and when it’s turned in late, each of the students just point their fingers at someone else. Politicians have the mindset of children.

Politicians are far more dangerous than school children though. If a child does a poor job on his/her project, that student gets a failing grade and is forced to develop skills in order to make sure bad habits don’t continue. In a politician’s case, however, they fail over and over, and thanks to years of gerrymandering, they remain in office. Their approval numbers are embarrassing.

How Long Did Congress Have Since the Last Spending Bill?

The last spending bill, or “continuing resolution” was passed in December of 2016 – also with just hours to spare before a government shutdown. Keep in mind that a CR bill isn’t even a new spending bill. It just says that the last budget will remain in effect. Congress doesn’t write new budgets – it reuses one from years ago, which continues to add to America’s crippling national debt – just under $20 trillion. The bill that politicians are arguing over continues reckless government spending levels. It does nothing to attempt to balance the budget.

Continuing with the school children analogy – this is kids using the project that wasn’t even done by them. They copy someone else’s work, and STILL can’t get it turned in on time! Pathetic! It is time to primary EVERY SINGLE MEMBER OF CONGRESS!




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