Subway’s Chicken – Only 50% Chicken

February 27, 2017
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February 27, 2017 Tim Preuss

Subway’s Chicken – Only 50% Chicken

As if Jared Fogle didn’t give Subway enough bad press, there’s a new study that shows what “Eat Fresh” really means.

The Canadian Broadcasting Corporation reached out to Trent University’s Wildlife Forensic DNA Laboratory and asked them to test the DNA of chicken from a variety of popular fast food restaurants. Along with Subway, the test was also done on chicken from McDonald’s, Wendy’s, Tim Hortons, and A&W.

While the other restaurants scored relatively well, around the 80-90% range, Subway came in last place, with their oven roasted chicken showing only 53.5% chicken DNA. Their popular classic, the Sweet Onion Chicken Teriyaki scored even worse, at 42.8%.

Subway seemed to brush off the news that their chicken isn’t actually chicken by releasing a statement. In part it read,

“All of our chicken items are made from 100% white meat chicken which is marinated, oven roasted and grilled. We tested our chicken products recently for nutritional and quality attributes and found it met our food quality standards.”

Apparently, 53.5% and 42.8% are the standards that Subway has.




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