Trump to ‘Send in the Feds’

January 25, 2017
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January 25, 2017 Spot Williams

Trump to ‘Send in the Feds’

Everybody knows about the gun violence in Chicago, and for the first time since taking office President Trump tweeted about it. “I will send in the Feds” if they don’t fix the “horrible ‘carnage'” going on.

He tweeted about the shootings there in early January, saying at the time as President-elect: “If Mayor can’t do it he must ask for Federal help.”

The Chicago Police Department stated that there have been 38 homicides and 182 shootings in the city not even one full month into 2017; note that CPD only reports the number of homicides and are not all necessarily shooting deaths.

President Trump has previously encouraged Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel to ask for federal assistance.

And often on the campaign trail, President Trump would mention Chicago while suggesting that controversial tactics such as stop-and-frisk could help address the issue.

“A policy like stop-and-frisk could save thousands of lives in a city like Chicago, just like it saved thousands of lives in New York. Overwhelmingly, this will save African-American and Hispanic lives — citizens who are entitled to the same protections as every American,” President Trump said during a September rally in Florida.




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