Explosion at Paris Festival Left 18 Injured

April 2, 2017
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April 2, 2017 Spot Williams

Explosion at Paris Festival Left 18 Injured

A huge explosion rocked a popular French carnival, injuring at least 18 people.

Onlookers were hit by chunks of burning wood and other debris after the fireball erupted from the guy-style figure known as Mr. Carnival which was made of straw and wood.

Around 1,000 children were taking part in the Paris event, near the Charles de Gaulle airport.

Local authorities have described the incident in Villepinte as “accidental” and not a terrorist attach.

It is understood that the explosion occurred when a scarecrow made of wood and straw was set on during in a bonfire during a Caribbean dance event.

France is in a state of emergency after Islamic extremist attacks in recent years but authorities said there was no sign of arson or terrorism in Saturday’s explosion.




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