Vodka Bottle Used to Fight Off Armed Man

May 8, 2017
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May 8, 2017 Tim Preuss

Vodka Bottle Used to Fight Off Armed Man

Never limit the use of vodka to having a good night out on the town. A vodka bottle was used along with a chair to fight off a man armed with a knife in Manchester England.

Anil Velji, a Oldham shopkeeper, fought off his attacker who followed him behind the main counter of the convenience store. His weapons of choice – a vodka bottle and a chair. After Velji shoved the attacker away with the chair, his son chased him out of the store with a piece of wood.

According to the Manchester Evening News,

“I picked up a bottle of vodka for him and turned around to put it in the till, I heard a noise behind me and the man had pulled out a knife and was coming at me behind the counter.

“It was a six-inch kitchen knife, my 16-year-old son was right there with me.

“I tried to hit him with the bottle of vodka and tripped over, I kicked him from the ground and then picked up a chair behind the counter and defended myself with it.

“I hit the panic button and the man ran off.

“The police were here within a minute of me hitting the button but it was too late, the guy was already around the corner.”

The exact motive for the attack is unknown. Some are speculating that this was an act of anti-immigrant violence, while others believe it is merely another incident of run of the mill street crime.

The suspect is yet to be arrested although Greater Manchester Police are aware of the incident. Neither Anil or his son were injured with the exception of a few bruises.




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